oa African Journal of Laboratory Medicine - Cardiac troponin T quantitative assay failure as a result of antibody interference : case studies

Volume 2, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 2225-2002
  • E-ISSN: 2225-2010



Immunoassays are prone to interference by various substances which may cause inaccurate results. This type of interference is difficult to detect analytically.

A case of CARDIAC Troponin T Quantitative reader (Roche Diagnostics) assay failure was detected and investigated in order to ascertain the likely cause.
Patient whole blood was mixed with cardiac troponin T-positive blood, patient and control sera were denuded of immunoglobulin G by protein A-affinity chromatography and patient sera were mixed with mouse serum. Samples were analysed on a CARDIAC Troponin T Quantitative reader.
A mixture of patient whole blood and cardiac troponin T-positive blood resulted in assay failure; removal of immunoglobulin G from patient sera reversed the cardiac troponin T assay failure; the addition of mouse serum as a heterophile antibody blocking agent had no effect.
It is proposed that the interference resulting in assay failure may not be because of a heterophile antibody, but rather a result of a circulating autoantibody to cardiac troponin T, which may compete with antibody assay reagents for binding sites.

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