n Africa Journal of Nursing and Midwifery - Malaria preventive measures implemented by parents of by parents of under-five children in Bukumbi, Tanzania

Volume 11, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1682-5055


A quantitative, explorative, descriptive contextual study was conducted to determine to what extent the malaria control measures proposed by the Tanzanian government had been implemented by parents of children aged 0-5 who lived in Bukumbi village. Structured interviews were conducted with 40 parents of children who had been admitted for malaria treatment during 2007. Although respondents had a basic knowledge of malaria preventive measures they did not implement actions preventing the anopheles mosquitoes' breeding in this tropical area. The vicious cycle of poverty, malaria episodes and lack of proper malaria health education hampered the implementation of control measures such as the spraying of houses with insecticides, and clearing pools of stagnant water. Although the government of Tanzania subsidises insecticide treated bed nets the respondents did not maintain these nets and did not renew the insecticide treatment of these nets. The incidence of malaria is unlikely to decline in the Bukumbi village unless all identified factors are addressed.

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