n Africa Journal of Nursing and Midwifery - Risk factors for cardiovascular disease in Soshanguve, South Africa

Volume 15, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1682-5055


Cardiovascular disease is the most common, yet one of the most preventable, causes of death globally. Well-known risk factors for cardiovascular disease include hypertension, diabetes, physical inactivity, obesity and smoking. The purpose of this study was to investigate the incidence of and risk factors for cardiovascular disease in Soshanguve, a township in Tshwane, South Africa. The area is an informal settlement with low educational levels and a high unemployment rate. A contextual, cross-sectional design with a purposive sample was used to determine the prevalence of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Two data gathering methods were used, namely self-reports and physical measurements. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics. The results indicated that risk factors for cardiovascular disease were prevalent in the Soshanguve community. Smoking and alcohol consumption were the main risk factors for males, whilst physical inactivity as well as unhealthy diets existed in both gender groups, but more so in females. In both genders, the prevalence of hypertension increased with age, becoming more prevalent after 40 years of age. As cardiovascular risk factors in the Soshanguve community were identified, it is important to initiate a health project to address these risk factors.

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