n Africa Journal of Nursing and Midwifery - Challenges experienced by healthcare providers with regard to the provision of school healthcare services in Tshwane sub-district, Gauteng province

Supplement 1
  • ISSN : 1682-5055


Children of school-going age are faced with multiple challenges that need professional interventions from educators and healthcare providers. This study sought to explore and describe the challenges experienced by healthcare providers with regard to the provision of school healthcare in the Tshwane sub-district, Gauteng Province. A qualitative, descriptive phenomenological design was used because of its holistic and contextualised nature. The population consisted of healthcare providers who were working in collaboration with the school health nurses, as well as being members of the community. These participants were conveniently and purposefully selected. Twenty-two healthcare providers were selected. Data were collected through the use of individual interviews until data saturation was attained. The interviews were based on the question: "What are the challenges you health programmes, and the care provided to HIV positive children of schoolgoing age. It was evident that the challenges school health service providers faced included limited resources, inconsistency in existing school health service rendering, and poor collaboration between the stakeholders involved. These challenges create a major barrier for the delivery of school health services in South Africa. The participants recommended that partnerships and collaboration should be established in order to establish a healthy educational environment and promote frequent and sustained school visits.experience as healthcare provider regarding the provision of school health services in the Tshwane sub-district, Gauteng Province? Researchers followed the adapted Colaizzi's method (1978) of data analysis in Polit and Beck (2012). All transcripts were read repeatedly and the data was reviewed, coded and categorised into the sections applicable to the problem statement. From the challenges experienced three main themes evolved by health care providers and these included: the need for early and frequent school health visits, the lack of collaboration in school visits.

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