n African Journal for Physical Health Education, Recreation and Dance - Body fat and somatotype among Malaysian school sports council netball players by playing position : kinanthropometry

Volume 14, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1117-4315


Netball is one of the most popular contact and social games for women in Malaysia. The youths, especially students from schools, colleges, and universities, are the most active players, playing mostly for fun, exercise and to socialise. However, research on the body composition of school-age netball players in Malaysia is limited. Hence, this study was conducted to determine the anthropometric profile of Under-18 year-old players, who are secondary school students. One hundred and fifty players who represented the 13 states and the Federal Territories (FT) at the 2006 Malaysia School Sports Council (MSSM) games in Kuala Lumpur were the subjects for the study. The subjects were divided to 3 categories by their playing positions of attack, centre and defence. Besides height and body mass, body fat percentage was determined using the skinfold method, while somatotype was determined using the Heath and Carter Somatotyping method. The results showed significant differences in height and body mass by playing position. The f-values were F (2, 147) = 4.82, (p<.01) and F (2, 147) = 15.31, (p<.01) for height and body mass, respectively. However, for body fat and somatotype, the differences were not significant. The means were: height 164.79 ± 6.40 cm, body mass 58.76 ± 9.22 kg, body mass 12.23 ± 3.49% and somatotype 3.29 ± 0.99 - 3.52 ± 1.48 - 2.69 ± 1.18. The attacking players were the tallest, heaviest and had the highest body fat percentage. Overall, the MSSM players were shorter, smaller (lower body mass) and slimmer (lower body fat) than Malaysian national players from Soh . (2005). For somatotype, the MSSM players had endo-mesomorphic bodies.

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