n African Journal for Physical Health Education, Recreation and Dance - Physical exercise conditioning as management modality during the in-hospital phase : a systematic literature review : physical activity and health - : physical activity and health

Volume 18 Number sup-1
  • ISSN : 1117-4315


Regular physical exercise conditioning is already acknowledged for many years as an important component in healthy living, as well as an effective management modality in the later phases of rehabilitation for patients suffering from chronic / non-communicable diseases. Very little information regarding the involvement of "exercise therapists" during the in-hospital phase is available. The purpose of this study was to assess by means of a systematic literature review, the relevant application of physical conditioning during the in-hospital phase (acute phase) for some clinical conditions and which health professionals use as an interventions. A total of 38 studies were found from the internet search engines and other relevant sources. Of these studies 17 research studies complied with the criteria relevant to the purpose of the study. Only literature which reported on some structured physical training programme during the in-hospital phase were analyzed for the purpose of this study. Seven (7) out of seventeen (17) reviewed studies indicate that physiotherapists were primarily responsible for the physical conditioning management required for orthopedic patients during the in-hospital phase, while the remaining 10 were based on other chronic and non-communicable diseases. Regarding the application of physical conditioning during the in-hospital phase for lifestyle related as well as other chronic, non-communicable diseases, no clarity could be found about which health professionals were responsible for the treatment required. From the reviewed literature it became clear that a knowledge gap exists in health science research literature regarding the use of physical exercise conditioning during the in-hospital phase (acute phase) for some clinical conditions. In addition, no specific conclusion was made about which health professional were responsible for the treatment of patients especially for non-communicable diseases. It is therefore, recommended that more research studies in this area are needed to clarify or refute these findings.

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