n African Journal for Physical Health Education, Recreation and Dance - Challenges in the management of medicine supply in primary health care centres in a district of Gauteng Province, South Africa of health care services - : management of health care services

Supplement 1
  • ISSN : 1117-4315


Up to 80% of the population of South Africa receives health care at primary health care (PHC) centres. In the health objectives of the National Drug Policy, the government of South Africa outlines its commitment to ensure availability and accessibility of medicines which are effective, affordable and of good quality in all sectors of the health care system. The aim of this study was to determine problems or challenges affecting Medicine Supply Management (MSM) at Primary Health Care PHC level in a district of Gauteng. In order to assess the availability of medicines and identify challenges to medicine supply which exists in this district, questionnaires were administered to PHC facility managers/store managers, Community Health Centre (CHC) managers and transport officers within the district. In addition, a document review process was conducted to verify the facility managers' and store managers' responses. Bin cards and PHC order files were also examined in conjunction with a checklist to establish whether stock control systems were in place. Statistical analysis was descriptive with the responses to categorical variables summarised by frequency counts and percentages. Problems affecting MSM, as determined in the study were prioritized on the basis of incidence. A 100% response rate was attained. Key results included the lack of proper management of medicine supply and the inadequate training of staff on MSM principles. In addition, each PHC clinic experienced its own challenges. The management of medicine supply in this district did not meet the requirements of Good Pharmacy Practice. Most of the inadequacies and weaknesses can be addressed at facility level with proper supervision, in-service training, mentoring, and support of staff and reinforcement of MSM training. The district needs to ensure that that nurses who dispense and manage medicines are in possession of a dispensing license and a dedicated person needs to be appointed at each clinic that will be responsible for MSM.

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