n African Journal for Physical Health Education, Recreation and Dance - Motives and constraints influencing volunteerism amongst university sport students : sport education and community involvement

Supplement 2
  • ISSN : 1117-4315


Volunteer activities are invaluable in all sectors of society and benefit not only the organizations using volunteers, but also the communities and the volunteers themselves. Students' behavioural characteristics regarding volunteerism have been closely investigated since volunteer recruitment campaigns increased through schools and universities. Research indicates that the youth volunteer trend in various countries have declined in recent times and in South Africa there is currently a dearth of information on university students' motivating and constraining factors regarding volunteerism in community based organizations. The purpose of this study was to identify motives and constraints influencing volunteerism amongst university students enrolled in a sport curriculum. A non-probability sampling design in the form of convenience sampling was used to collect data from 167 Sport Science and Sport and Recreation students at a Gauteng based university. The volunteer questionnaire developed by Auld and Cuskelly (2001) was used to gather data. The study identified intra-, inter- and structural constraining factors such as a and as constraints for never volunteering or terminating volunteer activities at a community based organization. Conversely, motives for sport students volunteering included factors such as and . This study provided a promising contribution in identifying motives and constraints influencing volunteerism among university sport students. This provides recruitment organizations with valuable information from which they can develop, administer and manage their recruitment programmes in order to attract and retain more students in volunteer related activities.

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