n African Journal for Physical Health Education, Recreation and Dance - Development of a Life Orientation health education programme for high school learners and quality of life - : health and quality of life

Supplement 2
  • ISSN : 1117-4315


This cross-sectional descriptive study aimed to develop a health education programme that could serve as a teaching aid for high school Life Orientation educators. A sequential approach was used to collect data that would inform the health education programme. The study population comprised high school Life Orientation teachers, as well as subject advisors who were considered experts in the field of Life Orientation. A total of 31 educators participated in the initial quantitative survey and this was followed by semi-structured interviews with five (5) experts in the area of Life Orienation. The content of the health education programme was based on the information obtained from semi-structured interviews. This study identified barriers to the teaching of Life Orientation, which included large classroom numbers, a lack of interest in the subject, and educators who were inadequately trained to teach the subject. The value of Life Orientation as a subject and the importance of a continually evolving education system with the aim of improving education for all learners, was identified. The health education programme designed based on the results of the study can function as an adjunct for Life Orientation teachers, to enhance the implementation of the subject by guiding educators in terms of the knowledge that should be transferred to learners. Educators are also provided with methods of transmitting knowledge to learners.

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