n African Journal for Physical Health Education, Recreation and Dance - Educator and learners' experiences of a high school health education programme and quality of life - : health and quality of life

Supplement 2
  • ISSN : 1117-4315


The aim of this study was to explore educators and learners' experiences, concerns and suggestions for improvement of a health education programme presented at school. The significance of this study is to provide suggestions for improvement of the health education programme when implemented through the education system. As health professionals, health education and health promotion activities are fundamental requirements for management of health condition. Many health education programmes are implemented but are rarely assessed to allow for future improvement. A qualitative design method was employed in which focus group discussions and interviews were used to collect data. The population consisted of all grade 10 learners and educator who participated in a health education programme from one high school in the Municipality of Hantam; only learners who volunteered to attend the focus group discussion were included. Analysis of the data was done using thematic analysis. The data was grouped into themes and categories by two separate reviewers. The emerging themes were facilitating factors and hindering factors for effective implementation of the health education programme. Within facilitating factors theme, were the categories of empowerment, freedom of choice and social responsibility. The hindering factors had the following categories: logistics, methods of knowledge sharing and quality of intervention implementation. Several suggestions were made possible for improvement of future implementation of a health education programme at schools such as alignment to school curriculum, timing for intervention, and constant observation of an intervention to ensure correct delivery of health education programmes.

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