n African Journal for Physical Health Education, Recreation and Dance - Does concurrent strength and endurance training improve endurance running? A systematic review : sport science

Volume 21 Number 1.1
  • ISSN : 1117-4315



This systematic review examined the effects of concurrent strength and endurance training in relation to running economy (RE), maximal oxygen consumption (VO) and lactate threshold (LT). In addition, the examination of combined core-strengthening and endurance running and the use of strength training to protect endurance runners from musculoskeletal running injuries. The authors' complied with PRIMSA guidelines. The outcome interest was concurrent strength training and endurance running, exposure was endurance runners. Seven electronic databases were searched for publications meeting the following inclusion criteria; concomitant strength training and endurance running ranging from 2003-2013, with 48 relevant publications being identified. These were assessed for quality resulting in 25 English published articles; however 15 intervention and two review studies were used. Concurrent strength training and endurance running improves the RE of endurance runners, without impacting on their VO and LT. Combined core strength training and running had contradictory findings regarding the benefits for enhanced running performance. The use of strength training as a protective measure against musculoskeletal running injuries has shown to be a worthwhile intervention. It is recommended that future prospective randomized controlled studies using large samples, longer interventions, and completion times of 10km, 21.1km and 42.2km be used to determine the success of concurrent strength and endurance training.

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