n African Journal for Physical Health Education, Recreation and Dance - Female condom two (FC2) marketing strategies for health care workers in Tshwane district, South Africa : sexual and reproductive health

Supplement 1
  • ISSN : 1117-4315


Marketing strategies for female condom 2 (FC2) play an important role in health care. Media, health education and campaigns have a role to play in reaching vulnerable populations who need to receive information about the use of FC2. The objective of this study was to explore and describe FC2 marketing strategies for health care workers in the Tshwane District, South Africa. A qualitative exploratory and descriptive case study method was applied. The population included health care workers, who were purposively selected. Data collection was done through in-depth individual interviews with participants in order to reach saturation. These participants included operational managers (n=3), administrator (n=1), lay counsellors (n=6) and professional nurses (n=20). Tesch's method of data analysis was used where one theme and six subcategories were identified and described. FC2 marketing strategy for health care workers to use in informing vulnerable groups emerged as a category. The six subcategories identified from the category included: maximising media coverage; extensive education of benefits to users; collaboration with other health promotion programmes to promote FC2; expanding programmes to school; educating males about female condom use; training and workshops for health care workers regarding health campaigns to individual families. The results emphasise the role of the media, health education and health campaigns in reaching vulnerable women, men and school children who need to receive information about the use of FC2.

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