n African Journal for Physical Health Education, Recreation and Dance - Local residents' perceptions of the socio-economic impacts of the Breedekloof outdoor and wine festival, Western Cape, South Africa

Supplement 2
  • ISSN : 1117-4315


This study focused on residents' perceptions of the socio-economic impacts of the Breedekloof Outdoor and Wine Festival (BOWF) hosted in the Breedekloof region in the Breede Valley of the Western Cape Province, South Africa. The Breede Valley region is located in the Cape Winelands District near Cape Town. The event industry in this region is relatively undiscovered but in recent years has been revealed to be a major catalyst for tourism and economic development. Underpinning this study was the understanding that the perceived socio-economic impacts of the event are pivotal for the future planning, management and sustainability of the event as well as to minimise negative and maximise positive impacts of the BOWF. Quantitative methods, specifically survey questionnaires were used and administered to 374 residents of Rawsonville, the main town in the Breedekloof region where the event takes place, using spatially-based systematic sampling. The results demonstrated support for the Festival among the respondents as they perceived it as beneficial to the local businesses in the region. Furthermore, this festival showcases the town and its beauty and does not inconvenience local lifestyles. There were mixed views on inequalities relating to employment opportunities and involvement in the planning and management of the event. Overall the responses were positive, however in order to foster common understanding of the BOWF and its impact, the awareness and participation of residents are essential.

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