n African Journal for Physical Health Education, Recreation and Dance - An examination of tourism infrastructure and services available at the Durban central beachfront locality, South Africa

Supplement 2
  • ISSN : 1117-4315


Durban's central beachfront area is a key tourism destination and is also one of the main recreational spaces for local residents. Infrastructure and services within tourism and recreational spaces play a key role in minimising negative impacts and maximising positive impacts. However, few studies critically examine these locations in relation to infrastructural and service provision aspects. This research utilises observation to audit and assess the status of infrastructure and services (including tourism products) in the Durban central beachfront. Additionally, surveys conducted with visitors at the different localities in the Durban central beachfront area complement the infrastructural and service audit undertaken. The audit indicates that the central beachfront has a significant level of infrastructural services. However, when the specific localities that comprise the central beachfront (spanning from Addington Beach in the south to Blue Lagoon in the North) are examined, substantial differences emerge which reinforces the need to be more critical when examining a specific tourist destination or locality. Furthermore, the study identifies several infrastructure needs linked to transport, ablution facilities, safety and security, and maintenance issues. This research assists in informing future planning in this important tourist and recreational location in South Africa. More importantly, it contributes to the body of knowledge in relation to understanding the physical attributes in tourist/recreational places and notes the importance of examining differences within these destinations.

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