n African Journal for Physical Activity and Health Sciences (AJPHES) - Physical activity interventions for the management of chronic disease in low-income populations : a systematic review

Volume 22 Number 2.1
  • ISSN : 2411-6939


The objectives of the study were to conduct a systematic literature review examining the specific intervention techniques in an updated taxonomy of behaviour change techniques that were included in successful interventions to change physical activity behaviour in low-income individuals, to assess the relevant behaviour change theories that underpinned the interventions, and to examine the relationship between behaviour change theory and intervention content. The study was a systematic literature review by narrative synthesis examining studies from 1980 to 2014. Data sources for the review included the following electronic databases: Medline, PubMed and Google Scholar. The eligibility criteria for the selected studies included in the review were only randomised controlled trials aimed at increasing physical activity among low-income adults.The outcome measure for the study was physical activity. Eleven studies met the inclusion criteria. 'Provide feedback on performance', 'goal setting (behaviour)', and 'plan social support/social change' were the most frequently used behavioural change techniques. Among the existing theories, the Transtheoretical model of behaviour change and the Social Cognitive theory were the common theoretical frameworks to form the basis of most study interventions. Interventions to increase physical activity in low-income persons had positive effects on changing physical activity behaviour. Policy makers and physical activity practitioners should engage effective and context-sensitive behavioural change techniques and advocate for theoretically grounded interventions in order to increase physical activity behaviour in lowincome populations.

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