n African Journal for Physical Activity and Health Sciences (AJPHES) - Physical and performance measures of university cricket players

Volume 22, Issue Issue-42
  • ISSN : 2411-6939


The ability to throw a ball at high velocity and with great accuracy is critical for successful performance in many ball sports. This study examines the physical characteristics and performance measurements amongst university cricketers. A convenient sample of 40 male cricketers from four teams at the University of the Western Cape was tested. Physical characteristics comprised stature, body mass, skinfold thickness, girth circumferences and limb lengths. Isokinetic strength was measured at 60º•sec-1 and 90º•sec-1using the Biodex Pro System 4 isokinetic dynamometer. Throwing velocity was measured using a calibrated Speed Gun. The fourth team had a significantly shorter arm length than the other teams. Player experience also differed significantly between the first team and the other three teams. Age and body fat percentage correlated significantly with throwing velocity, but in the first team only. Significant correlations were found for the following variables, i.e., between age and strength ratio in the first team; between hip circumference and peak torque during internal rotation at 90º•sec-1 in the second team; between body mass and peak torque during internal rotation at 60º•sec-1 in the third team; between total arm length and peak torque during internal rotation at 60º•sec-1 in the fourth team. In conclusion, this study found that various physical characteristics such as age and body fat percentage significantly influenced throwing velocity, while body mass, hip circumference and total arm length had a significant influence on peak torque.

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