n Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe - Kinders met asma se eiesoortige skolastiese, gedrags- en aanpassingsprobleme

Volume 42, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0041-4751


The world of the child with asthma is complex and multi-faceted and a number of psychological risk factors associated with asthma have been identified. Decreased psychosocial functioning may manifest in emotional and behavioural problems, poor peer relationships and / or diminished academic performance. Children with asthma who are referred for psychological assessment are best evaluated by a multidisciplinary team of physicians, educators and psychologists. In this way the multiple and related configuration of medical, psychological, cognitive and social factors can probably best be analysed. In the current study, a questionnaire survey and an individual case study were undertaken to establish the nature of the scholastic, behavioural and adaptive problems of children who suffer from asthma. To enhance the academic performance and psychosocial functioning of children with asthma, parents are encouraged by health professionals to implement self-management programs, monitor adverse side-effects of asthma medication and adopt a multidisciplinary assistance model. Medical doctors, psychologists and teachers should join hands to design programs aimed at facilitating appropriate ways of dealing with psychosomatic diseases, such as asthma, at home and at school.

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