n Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe - Op weg na 'n kubertoekoms

Volume 45, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0041-4751


By the end of the decade, there will be a massive expansion of 24/7 Web connectivity. This will increasingly lead to the interpenetration of cyberspace and the concrete world. The web user will be a cybernomad, with a fluid identity, lacking in commitment and focused on the now. Mediated through broadband access to cyberspace, this now will be multidimensional and richer in immediate possibilities than the concrete world. The increasingly networked lifeworld of the subject will be navigated by means of software agents. The subject will become an integral part of networks as the distance between man and machine decreases. It is proposed that data, technology and the human subject be conceptualized as interdependent elements of an organic system.

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