n Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe - Die belang van Afrikaanse onderwys vir die oorlewing van die taal

Volume 46, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0041-4751


The role of unilingual mother-tongue education is universally accepted. However, in South Africa, Afrikaans speakers have to battle to have this principle recognised in school and university education. In this article, based on a lecture given by the author on invitation at the Education Faculty at the Potchefstroom campus at the Northwest University, the matter is looked at as a question of language survival. After posing the phenomenon of language extinction, the precarious position of Afrikaans is analysed. The superiority of mother-tongue education in terms of the performance of students is then cited, after which the conclusion is that double medium education irreversibly leads to a situation where the weaker language - in this case Afrikaans - is worsted and subsequent unilingual English education takes over.

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