n Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe - Die rol van die US se Departement Afrikaans en Nederlands in die ontwikkeling van die Afrikaanse leksikografie : die Nederlands-Afrikaans-stryd gedurende die aanvangsjare : navorsings- en oorsigartikels

Volume 56 Number 1-0
  • ISSN : 0041-4751



In many respects Stellenbosch University can be regarded as the cradle of Afrikaans lexicography. It is home to one of the most comprehensive and lengthy lexicographic projects in Afrikaans, the ("Dictionary of the Afrikaans Language"). Being one of the first university departments in South Africa to appoint a Chair for Afrikaans in 1920, the Department of Afrikaans and Dutch especially played an important role in developing the Afrikaans lexicography.
However, not everyone in die Department of Afrikaans and Dutch was convinced from the outset that Afrikaans could or even should make its mark in the field of lexicography. It was, in fact, a lecturer of Dutch who first alluded to the fact that Afrikaans is distinct from Dutch through his lexicographic work on Afrikaans. This uncertainty about Afrikaans' ability to gain lexicographic independence gave rise to great contention between Afrikaans and Dutch during the early years of Afrikaans lexicography, especially in Stellenbosch University's Department of Afrikaans and Dutch. It resulted, amongst other things, in lexicographers often relying heavily on Dutch in the lexicographical embodiment of Afrikaans.
This article investigates the role of Stellenbosch University's Department of Afrikaans and Dutch in the development of Afrikaans lexicography amidst an intense Dutch-Afrikaans battle during the formative years of Afrikaans lexicography. Firstly, the paper shows why the dictionary by the Dutch lecturer at Stellenbosch, Nicolaas Mansvelt, could be regarded as the genesis of Afrikaans lexicography. It is shown that, by studying Afrikaans as a language independent from Dutch, Mansvelt broke away from the tradition of his time which often viewed Afrikaans as a depraved form of Dutch, thereby making an important contribution to the development of Afrikaans lexicography.

Die studie stel ondersoek in na die rol van die Universiteit Stellenbosch se Departement Afrikaans en Nederlands in die ontwikkeling van die Afrikaanse leksikografie te midde van 'n fel Nederlands- Afrikaans-stryd in die wordingsjare van die Afrikaanse leksikografie. Daar word eerstens gefokus op die aanvang van die Afrikaanse leksikografie aan die Universiteit Stellenbosch deur die publikasie van Mansvelt se . Vervolgens word 'n oorsig gegee oor die spellingstryd tussen die voorstanders van Nederlands, met W.J. Viljoen aan die stuur, en die voorstanders van Afrikaans, onder leiding van J.J. Smith, beide dosente aan die Universiteit Stellenbosch, wat geheers het in die tydperk waarin hierdie universiteit hom as 'n Afrikaanse universiteit onderskei het. Ten slotte word gedui op die voortgesette Nederlands-Afrikaans-stryd soos wat dit in die daaropvolgende jare in die woordeboek vir spesiale doeleindes, die , tot uitdrukking gebring is en die blywende invloed wat die stryd op die Afrikaanse spelling gehad het.

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