n Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe - Die verband tussen werksbevrediging en die leierskapstyl van bestuurders : 'n gevallestudie uit die banksektor : navorsings- en oorsigartikels

Volume 56 Number 2-2
  • ISSN : 0041-4751



The aim of this research was to investigate the way in which the dominant leadership style of training managers influences the work satisfaction of training consultants who provide adult education within a specific bank group in South Africa. Thís context is the training department of a specific banking group where one of the authors of this article worked and where a lack of work satisfaction has been identified as a real concern. For this purpose specific leadership styles (namely the democratic, autocratic and laissez-faire-leadership styles) and work satisfaction components (namely support, relationships and empowerment) were identified and a closed-ended questionnaire designed accordingly. Information requested in the questionnaire included the biographical details of respondents, their managers' perceived leadership styles and the respondents' sense of work satisfaction.
The questionnaire was e-mailed to 137 training consultants in the training division of the bank and a response rate of 66.42% was reported. Respondents who took part in the study are mainly experienced white females who fall in the 31-40 and 41-50 years age groups. The data was analysed by means of quantitative statistical techniques to establish the statistical significance of the effect of dominant leadership style on experience of work satisfaction.
Exploratory analysis shows that the majority of respondents identified the democratic leadership style as their manager's dominant style followed by the autocratic leadership style. The laissez-faire leadersip style was seldom recorded and some managers did not exhibit a dominant leadership style. Findings furthermore indicated that respondents expressed a level of uncertainty with management support in the work place. The same applied to relationships that managers build in the work place and with the empowerment that takes place in their work environment. Analysis of variance results of how these components of job satisfaction, namely support, interpersonal relationships and empowerment are affected by the dominant leadership style of managers and by the biographical attributes of participants, indicate that the democratic leadership style resulted in higher perceptions of work satisfaction with regard to the support provided, relationships built and employee empowerment compared to other leadership styles. In addition to the positive effect of the democratic leadership style, age also influenced perceptions of experienced support.

Die doel van die studie was om vas te stel op watter wyse die dominante leierskapstyl van opleidingsbestuurders die werksbevrediging van opleidingskonsultante wat volwasseneonderwys binne 'n bepaalde bankgroep in Suid-Afrika verskaf, beïnvloed. Bepaalde leierskapstyle (naamlik die demokratiese, outokratiese en laissez-faire-leierskapstyle) en werksbevredigingskomponente (naamlik ondersteuning, verhoudings en bemagtiging) is vir die doel geïdentifiseer.

'n Vraelys is ontwerp wat as kwantitatiewe navorsingsinstrument gedien het om inligting aangaande die biografiese besonderhede van respondente, hul bestuurder se leierskapstyl en respondente se persepsies van hul eie werksbevrediging in te samel. Een-en-negentig uit 137 respondente aan wie 'n e-pos gestuur is, het die vraelys voltooi. Die responskoers was dus 66.42%.
Uit die analise van variansieresultate het dit geblyk dat leierskapstyl wél respondente se persepsie van al die gekose werksbevredigingskomponente statisties beduidend beïnvloed. In die geval van die belewing van ondersteuning is ouderdom verder ook as bydraende faktor tot werksbevrediging geïdentifiseer.

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