oa Alternation - Social Concerns in C.T. Msimang's IZULU ELADUMA ESANDLWANA

Volume 11, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



Social concern/commitment refers to preparedness and ability to tackle social problems, conflicts, and needs besetting the society. Given that the problems (cultural, political, religious, etc.) that afflicted the Africans were so vast during the apartheid period, no practitioner of literature should have failed to reflect them and their causes, and to offer solutions. As part of the dramatic expression in serious literature, a socially committed author must identify the ills besetting society, and take aim at one or two of them. Targeting becomes necessary because if too many ills are presented, the force is dispersed. The next step should be the creation of a metaphoric image, consisting of fictional characters and events, which reflect the social ills the author is highlighting. Through the fictional characters and events the manifestations of the ills should be shown, with one or more workable solutions suggested.

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