oa Alternation - Archive Fever

Volume 11, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



Once a year a judge has the opportunity to grant amnesty to one prisoner. When the allotted time arrives there are three recently convicted prisoners standing before him. Each is no less guilty than the others and he soon wearies of their pleading and incessant oaths of loyalty. Anticipating such a situation, experience had taught him to be prepared. Yawning, he shows the prisoners five small, engraved disks, each threaded on a leather string. 'You will see that three of these circles are white and two are black. You will sit in a triangle and close your eyes. The jailer will fasten one fetish to the forehead of each of you. Then you will open your eyes and remain silent. The first of you to correctly name the colour of your own uphawu, and provide a convincing account of how you reached that conclusion, can leave'.

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