oa Alternation - The evolution of human communication from nonverbal communication to electronic communications

Volume 12, Issue 1a
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



In the first article of this two part contribution, The Evolution of Human Communication from Nonverbal Communication to Electronic Communications, I show how past forms of communication have periodically emerged to help humans cope with ever increasing cultural complexification, particularly after nomadic bands of our hunter-gatherer ancestors settled down in pastoral communities near sustainable about 10,000 and years ago after they had mastered the principles of animal husbandry and planting and harvesting, and that present-day emerging forms of mobile communications will take off and incorporate existing forms of electronic communication because humans remain nomads at heart in spite of ten thousand years of settled existence, first in pastoral communities and recently as city dwellers. In the second article, Future Communications: Mobile Communications. Cybernetics. Neuro-Informatics and Beyond. I extrapolate from present-day emerging and converging forms of electronic communication to predict how different forms of human communication are set to change in the immediate future, the intermediate future and in the more distant future.

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