oa Alternation - Interpretive research models for informatics: action research, grounded theory, and the family of design- and development research

Volume 12, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



Various research models based on the interpretive paradigm, can serve effectively as research approaches for studies in Informatics (Information Systems). This metaresearch study overviews research paradigms and Information Systems (IS) research, then descriptionbes, discusses and illustrates some interpretive approaches: action research, grounded theory, and the family comprising development research and two forms of design research, namely, design-science research in IS and design-based research in the realm of educational technology. In the current milieu - with its emphasis on interactivity, user-centricity, usability, empowerment software, and e-learning - inquiry processes originating from the social sciences are relevant to IS, particularly for research on human aspects of the design and development of personal computing applications. The five approaches advocated have underlying theoretical and methodological frameworks and reflective methods. Each one can serve as a model to guide the research process, offering a unifying thread, cohesion and internal consistency to a research study.

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