oa Alternation - The attitudes of educators to information technology adoption in school settings

Volume 12, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



The successful implementation of educational technologies depends largely on the attitudes of educators, who eventually determine how they are used in the classroom. Educators' attitudes are a major enabling! disabling factor in the adoption of technology. It was also found that educators who have positive attitudes toward technology, feel more comfortable with using it, and usually incorporate it into their teaching. Any successful transformation in educational practice requires the development of positive user attitudes toward the new technology. The development of educators' positive attitudes toward ICT is a key factor, not only for enhancing computer integration, but also for avoiding educators' resistance to computer use. However we need to consider the severance of innovation from the classroom educator and the idea that 'the educator is an empty vessel into which this externally defined innovation must be poured'.

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