oa Alternation - Finding research questions using a socratic dialogue

Volume 12, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



It is not easy to formulate a suitable research question. Some research as too simple and other are too complex. The Socratic Dialogue may be used as a technique for facilitating conversation and reflection as a means of developing suitable research questions. The essence of this approach is that the discussants share experiences and in so doing they not only learn from each other but also identify interesting areas for research. The technique is affected through a structured conversation or discourse which is used to explore an agreed issue. The Socratic Dialogue 'conversation' consists of three steps or stages and is suitable for six to eight participants who may be colleagues or knowledge informants. It also requires a competent facilitator who can guide the group through its conversation and reflection. Socratic Dialogues will not always lead to a consensus but even when it doesn't it can be useful to researcher seeking useful research questions.

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