oa Alternation - Introduction

Volume 13, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



It is important at the very outset, to mention important documents essential for analysis of the South African education system. These are, the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (May 1996), the South African Schools Act (1996) No. 84, the Higher Education Act (1997), which all impacted on the committee for development work on the National Qualifications Framework (Feb 1996). To these we may add: African National Congress, A Policy Framework for Education and Training, Johannesburg (1994), the South African Qualification Authority Act (1995), the Gender Equity Task Team and the National Commission on Special Needs in Education and Training (1998). These are authentic testimonies of national consensus, national values and ideals and the kind of education required to fulfil them. They influence the philosophy of education required in South Africa. They all deal with values in a society free from domination in political, economic, social and personal relations.

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