oa Alternation - Introduction nature and power: forests

Volume 14, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



The relationship between 'nature' and 'power' is an important preoccupation of ecocriticism, as of other branches of environmental studies. The questions that this relationship generate are of course many and in most of them, the 'power' that is interrogated is not seen as possessed by nature so much as wielded over it in a variety of ways. Ecocriticism came into being, in fact, in response to a late-twentieth-century recognition of an 'environmental crisis' taking the form of a powerful threat to the health and even the existence of nature, due mainly to global industrialization. Awareness of this 'environmental crisis', according to Lawrence Buell in his 2005 book on ecocriticism, has led thinkers of all disciplines to ponder the question of 'whether planetary life will remain viable for most of the earth's inhabitants without major changes to the way we live' (200S:vi). Although this question may seem to have greatest relevance to scientists, economists, urban planners and other scholars of the material world, academics in many different fields have responded to it strongly in their recent theory and practice.

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