oa Alternation - Francois Levaillant and the mapping of Southern Africa

Volume 14, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



This paper uses some early maps of South Africa to raise a number of historical and theoretical issues-about power over nature, about representations of travel, of the role of hunting and safari in the European consciousness, and about the use of multi-media in representations of travel and nature. In doing this, the paper addresses issues raised by historians of animals in maps (George, 1969, Stone and Aberdeen University African Studies Group, 1988) and by post-colonial critics of cartographic traditions, particularly those focusing on the links between cartography and power (Bell et al. 1995; Stone and Aberdeen University African Studies Group 1988; Stone and Aberdeen University African Studies Group 1994; Stone 1995; Carruthers 2003; Penn 1993; Gregory 1994). As Jane Carruthers suggests, we have important reasons to examine the origins of our environmental cartographic tradition:

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