oa Alternation - Identity, place and 'The Gaze' in The Woodlanders by Thomas Hardy and dream forest by Dalene Matthee

Volume 14, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



Thomas Hardy's novel, The Woodlanders is set in Wessex, England, towards the end of the nineteenth century and Dalene Matthee's novel, dream forest is set in the Knysna forest of South Africa some fifty years later. Both novels descriptionbe people who are closely associated with forests and who make their living from working with trees. Hardy, in his 'Preface' to the Wessex edition of The Woodlanders, published in1912, wrote: I have instituted inquiries to correct tricks of memory, and striven against temptations to exaggerate, in order to preserve for my own satisfaction a fairly true record of a vanishing life (1986:443).

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