oa Alternation - Environmentally aware art, poetry, music and spirituality: lifelines

Volume 14, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



Lifelines (Mann et al. 2006) is the originating text of a holistic work of environmental art. Poems by Chris Mann based on encounters with forty animals, ranging from the aardvark and bees to the peregrine falcon and zebra, are embedded in images by Julia Skeen on each right-hand page of the book. The poems are informed by recent discoveries in science, while the images evoke the animals in their habitat with frequent references to fossil and cosmic time. On the left-hand page is a ghost image of the animals and scientific notes about each by Adrian Craig, a zoologist. A bibliography lists some books and articles concerning astronomy, biology, cosmology, palaeontology, physics and zoology as well as research into the behaviour of individual animals, while a list of further reading is available on request.

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