oa Alternation - Nature, people and environment: overview of selected issues

Volume 15, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



The lives of humans throughout the ages have been inextricably linked to nature and natural forces. Steffen et al. (2004:2) claim that the relationship between humans and the Earth's natural environment has changed throughout the evolution of Homo sapiens and the development of societies. They further state: The environment at the scale of the earth as a whole - the passing of the seasons, the vagaries of weather and climate, the ebbing and flowing of river systems and glaciers, the rich diversity of life in all its forms-has been something within which people have had to operate, subject only to great forces of nature and the occasional perturbations of extraterrestrial origin. Earth's environment has been a bountiful source of resources as well as a remarkably stable life support system that has allowed human civilisations to develop and flourish (Steffen et al. 2004:2).

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