oa Alternation - Socio-cultural and spatial approaches to environmental health in urban contexts

Volume 15, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



Human health is largely determined by the environment in which people live (Glass et al. 2006). In contemporary global society there are serious environmental health problems such as indoor air pollution from the burning of biomass fuels, contaminated drinking water, waste disposal, poor housing conditions and environment related stress (Black 2000; Schwartz & Martin 2006). However, the links between human health and the environment are complex (Corvalan et al. 1991). Glass et al. (2006:454) make it clear in their research that people are exposed to a multitude of influences such as toxic chemicals, physical hazards and pollutants that impact on people's health and their quality of life. These impacts can be direct or indirect, for example, inhaling polluted air or indirect through the consumption of polluted water or unprocessed contaminated food.

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