oa Alternation - Reading in a State of Emergence: The Rhetoric of Cultural Transformation and the Post-colonial-Post-apartheid -Condition1

Volume 2, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



This article interrogates the notion or cultural transformation as implied and sometimes overtly articulated in the colonial, anti-colonial and resistance discourses or the past. It is argued that the basic assumption that cultural transformation is a punctual occurrence with unambiguous values or before/after, positive/negative, progressive/counterprogressive cannot be accepted. These values emerge from and remain trapped in closed dualistic structures or thought and reading. The argument against this view is two-fold: in the context or material change, these values constitute a transformation that conceals value judgements which only benefit the values or an emergent civil society; secondly, civil society-whether old or new-springs forth from a base of different forms or sexual and psychic repression which disrupt its unisonance.

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