oa Alternation - Dwaalstories-the Stories of a Roaming Bushman; Committed to Paper by a Wandering Boer

Volume 3, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



For the purposes of this article I use the term Bushman for lack of a better word. I do so advisedly, since the word San is not free of derogatory connotations, as David Lewis-Williams (1989:9) convincingly argued. The past three to five years have seen a marked revival of interest in the Bushman in Afrikaans writing. I am referring to titles such as Die Spoorsnyer (Piet van Rooyen), Koms van die hyren (Dolf van Niekerk), T'sats van die Kalahari (Willem D. Kotze) and the work of poets such as Donald Riekert, Thomas Deacon and Tom Gouws. This interest can be interpreted as a sign of the times: perhaps it is a belated act of homage to an extinct and almost forgotten part of our nation. Be it as it may. it is a fact that the Bushman stands at present in the centre of attention at many a conference; folklorists as well as anthropologists direct their attention anew to Bushman rock art, their customs and their stories1.

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