oa Alternation - Poor White Satyrs and Nationalist Blueprints1

Volume 3, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



In this article I am exploring the burden of 'civilisation' with reference to the depiction of poor whites in two Afrikaans plays: Hantie kom huis toe (first published in 1933) by P.W.S. Schumann and Siener in die suburbs (first published in 1971) by P.G. du Plessis. I shall explore the depiction of these poor whites in terms of Nietzsche's (1956:59) concept of the chorus of satyrs in tragedy as a chorus of natural beings who live ineradically, as it were, behind all civilization and remain eternally the same, despite the changes of generations and the history of nations and Freud's discontents who embody an anxiety, a malaise or dissatisfaction with civilisation in so far as civilisation implies repression or the 'progressive renunciation of constitutional instincts, whose activation might afford the ego primary pleasure' (Freud 1985a:40).

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