oa Alternation - More than just a Love Story: Investigating the Literary and Social Significance of the Young Adult Novel in South Africa1

Volume 3, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



In Dawn Garisch' s young adult novel Not another Love Story (from which the title of this article is derived) published in 1994 but set some years earlier in apartheid South Africa the young reader encounters the reality of the impact of the Immorality Act when fifteen year-old Gail goes to stay with her Aunt Stella who is white and who is living illegally with Bert who is coloured, the impact of the appalling working conditions in the mines, and the impact of the colour bar. The reader is also immediately involved in the controversy surrounding the relationship of writing to political change. Gail, the narrator, enters a writing competition for a magazine in which she investigates the relationship between lung cancer and asbestos mining. Her interest is sparked by the condition of her friend Sarel, a miner who is dying of mesothelioma. Bert reads a draft of her essay and is impressed with her work.

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