oa Alternation - Black Women, Writing and Identity

Volume 3, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



Central to the modernist colonising arsenal was the hegemonic and coercive use of travel, map/boundary making, practices of naming and the extraction of slave labour/use- or exchange-value. Together with the (re)presentation of Empire as being racially superior, as civilised and having a civilising mission in the colonies. these instances effected the forced displacement/removal of indigenous people(s). In this context, 'theory' served to articulate the colonial order(s). bolstering the European political. economic and cultural identities. After the protracted liberation struggles, 'post- coloniality' inaugurated the era of the developing of neocolonial and neonation arsenals, which, in the alternated forms of global capitalism and western cultural hegemonies, continue to serve the same identities and regulate migrancy.

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