oa Alternation - Moon, Man, Women, Bushmen: reconciling the irreconcilable?'

Volume 4, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



A direct impulse for the paper I am presenting today* , was my reading of some of the contributions to the third issue of Alternation (2,1: 1995). That the journal published by the CSSALL so demonstrably encourages ongoing research and dialogue in the field of its specific interest, must bear testimony to the relevance and validity of both the Centre and the journal in present day South African culture and scholarship. In the introduction by Smit (1995:1-4), as well as the writings of Moran (1995: 16-36), Mngadi (1995:37-45) and the book review by Van Vuuren (1995: 151- 154), certain key words and themes linked not only the essays written by the individually mentioned authors, but also encapsulated, so it seemed to me, the pervasive atmosphere of uncertainty, complexity and multiplicity (amongst [literary] scholars) when discussing notions of aesthetics, value, power, knowledge, feminism, nation, culture, history and racism, to paraphrase Smit's introductory paragraph.

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