oa Alternation - Hunter, Trader and Explorer? the unvarnished reminiscences of H.F. Fynn

Volume 4, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



At the time of Farewell's trading expedition to Port Natal in 18241, English writing was fairly well established in the context of the Cape Colony (Ross 1993: 192-204). From the beginning of the nineteenth century, a specific genre of travel writing had emerged in the Cape and when the first writers began to descriptionbe European acitivity in the interior, they followed the dominant patterns established by this framework (pratt 1992:58-69). Broadly speaking, the kinds of literary depiction that had evolved by the 1820s were based on the essential differences between Europeans and indigenous people and during the 1830s. this Cape colonial discourse crystalised into what Crais has termed a dichotomy between 'Empire and the Savages' (Crais 1992: 125-131).

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