oa Alternation - Alex la Guma's Politics and Aesthetics

Volume 5, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



Alex la Guma persistently reiterated his belief that the situation in South Africa was bound to change and that he would, hopefully be part of a 'post-apartheid South Africa'. His socialist and nationalist 'post-apartheid' vision is summed up in the following words taken from his last published article written under the pseudonym 'Gala' 1: Can we not look into the future and see the barriers fallen away under the hammer-blows of progress as our people, having emerged victorious over racist tyranny, national oppression, ethnic or community divisions, commence to build a new life? Can we not dare to bring within the boundaries of our community Marx's and Engels's even longer-term view of the world of the future? .... Flourishing under the warm sun of the equality of all peoples, our culture, art and literature will intermingle as our liberated peoples will do, blossoming into a South African culture; we shall then read a South African literature, not what is descriptionbed today as merely literature 'from' South Africa or 'South African Writing' ('Gala' 1985:42).

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