oa Alternation - Kabbo's Intended Return Home' (1873) and The Conversion: Death Cell Conversations of 'Rooizak' and the Missionaries - Lydenburg 1875: Marginalised Early South African Testimonies

Volume 5, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



Stemming from increasing interest in Holocaust literature, 'it has been suggested that testimony is the literary - or discursive - mode par excellence of our times' (Felman & Laub 1992:4). Since November 1995 when the Truth and Reconciliation Commission started its work under Bishop Desmond Tutu, testimony has become part of the fabric of a South Africa trying to come to grips with its past. The efficacy of the healing power of this painfully slow process was recently remarked upon by dr. Sean Kaliski: 'It will take decades, generations, and people will assimilate the truths of this country piece by piece' (Krog 1997:5). //Kabbo and Rooizak's testimonies can be seen as part of the truths of South Africa's history. The contending voices and identities encapsulated in these testimonies illustrate something of the historical and socio-political tensions in this multicultural community.

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