oa Alternation - Duytsman altyd kallom: Icke Hottentots doot makom

Volume 5, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



The title is a quotation in broken 17th Century Hottentot-Dutch said to be from the Khoikhoi; meaning: Dutchman always says: I kill the Hottentot (Quoted by Willem ten Rhyne, 1686). This is part of a project on the genealogy of South African literature; and this is no more than an introductory chapter on the 'origins' of this literature. It is problematic to think about genealogy or beginnings. When Friedrich Nietzsche considered genealogy he used many words: 'Entstehung', 'Herkunft', 'Abkunft', 'Geburt', 'Ursprung', 'Anfang' (Foucault 1977: 140). These variations in meaning attempt to create the concept of a beginning.

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