oa Alternation - The African woman in Jolobe and Mema's poems: a critical comparison

Volume 6, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



One of the functions of poetry is to ensure the survival of art in man (sic), to say the most probable things in the least number of words, and to make it as fresh in tone as the poet can (Jones 1973:138). Jones could not have said it better, for what has inspired me to make this analysis of the two writers' selected poems is the artistic qualities observed in them that suggest both aesthetic sensitivity and the ability to integrate previous imaginative experience into the process of composition. Both poets use language which is packed with emotion and feeling. They each evoke vivid images in a manner that enriches their poetry and gives It a peculiar freshness. The three poems selected for this study - Jolobe's 'Unomhi' and Mema's 'Ubuhle benene' and Wabulaw'apho Lawundini-are undoubtedly among the finest Xhosa poems. I feel that their literariness can only be fully appreciated when they Me placed side by side.

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