oa Alternation - The Challenge of African Philosophy: a reply to Mabogo More

Volume 6, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



This article is a reply to Mabogo More's (1996:109-129) paper, 'African Philosophy Revisited', in which he argued that the Western 'valorisation' of 'reason' as the foundational act of Western philosophy and philosophical enquiry in general, covertly denies the existence of African philosophy. For the sake of clarity I set out below. my perspective on the questionable claim to superiority of Western rationality. I argue that a cut and paste descriptionption of Europe's denial of the existence or possibility of African philosophy serves well to confront the colonialist prejudice in all its formations and guises but does not do African philosophy any further good. In other words. I hold that More's account of Western denials of African philosophy neither advances debate on issues in African philosophy nor does it illumine the nature of African philosophy itself. As More's paper challenges the positions of Shutte (1993) and Rauche (1996), I reassess the contributions of these two South African teachers of philosophy and in so doing, reaffirm the merit which I consider their work justly deserves.

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