oa Alternation - Intersubjectivity and autobiography: feminist critical theory and Johnny Masilela's Deliver us from Evil - scenes from a rural Transvaal upbringing

Volume 7, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



The following essay is a preliminary attempt to applying the philosophic insights of contemporary feminist critical theory to a literary autobiographical text. The text is Johnny Masilela's Deliver us from evil - Scenes from a rural Transvaal upbringing. In this collection of thirteen interlaced autobiographical short stories (scenes), Johnny Masilela recreates and reinvents his own emergence as a nascent subject. This nascent subject emerges in quantum leaps, prompted by situations in which he has to place himself, negotiating a variety of positions relative to others, and the particular claims they make on him. As such these scenes challenge the strong postmodern thesis that categorically equates postmodern theory and life to the death of the subject at the hands of discourse, as well as the weaker version that diagnoses a debilitating fracturing of the subject under the pressure of a multitude of identities.

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