oa Alternation - Rewriting the Zulu past beyond the washing of the spears

Volume 7, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



Peter Davis, in a study of cinematic representations of the Zulu. utilised the word 'Zuluology' to descriptionbe how his subject has been treated. He defines 'Zuluology' as: ... the white myth of the Zulu; the equation of the Zulus with the wild animals of Africa; the domestication of these creatures; the Zulus as the prototypical 'African tribe'; the political uses of the Zulu image (Davis 1996:124). This definition summarises the ways in which the Zulu have been portrayed by the media. in literature. film and political discourse. A consistently familiar image of the Zulu has been propagated in the space of almost two centuries. E.A. Ritter's Shaka Zulu1 the 1964 film Zulu and the 1980s television series Shaka Zulu are better-known vehicles of such portrayals. These twentieth century portrayals were based upon the events and historical writing of Natal2 in the nineteenth century.

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