oa Alternation - Sparks of Carnival Fire': Alan Paton's 'The Quarry' (1967) and the Bakhtinian Carnivalesque

Volume 8, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1023-1757



In William Plomer's (1980:12) novel of 1926, Turbott Wolfe, Wolfe, soon after arriving in South Africa from England, visits Dunnsport, where he comes across 'Schonstein's Better Shows' fair, managed by Mr Judy Franke whose wife, we learn, was 'barefaced by day and barebacked by night'. Her husband-notice his name, in a gender-reversal, is 'Judy'-is similarly defined in terms of his flagrant sexuality: 'he wore no underclothing but his socks and a silk shirt' (12). In scenes descriptionbed as 'ribald' and resounding with 'bawdy laughter' we are introduced to the fair itself with its 'extraordinary mixture of races':

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