n Learning and Teaching Mathematics - Mathematical learning opportunities for young learners with touch screen technology

Volume 01, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1990-6811


I am certainly no "technological fundi" and tend to have to pick up the phone or refer to LTM techno tips or math_fet@yahoo.com e-mails for guidance. I also tend not to get excited about technology company new releases of the latest computer or processing packages. However, when my husband came home with an i-phone and I was able to download a whole lot of maths games "apps" (mostly for free) and both my children were able to play these with minimal adult supervision I suddenly began to understand the powerful learning tool that intuitive touch screen technology can provide.From a mathematics educator and a parent perspective I now wanted to explore this technology myself and so I requested that my husband bring me an i-pad when returning from his overseas trip (rather than the usual chocolates, perfume or wallet). Having the i-pad suddenly took me from my usual "lagging behind with technology" position to leapfrogging to cutting-edge technology. While my focus in this paper will be on my experience of mathematical learning opportunities with the i-pad, almost all of the "apps" and learning opportunities that I refer to are also available on the i-phone. And of course as other touch screen phones and "pads" become available so too will a range of new mathematical learning opportunities be available for those. One simply needs to explore these learning opportunities by typing into the search facility the keywords "mathematics" or "math games", "fun maths", "math challenges" and so on.

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